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Base Camp

From the main site we plan our daily activities using the natural resources children learn to use and make tools, build dens, dig in the mud, identify bugs and animals or retreat to the tent for story time. Playing outside provides unlimited opportunities for children to develop their thinking. Children are usually very relaxed outside. The concept of mess is somewhat absent in the outdoor space. Children have more opportunities for unstructured play with no beginning or end. 



Using the resources around us we teach children how to use tools safely helping individuals according to their specific needs to achieve. Throughout the year we plan weekly themes that help children to grow in harmony with the natural world meeting their learning objectives under the Early Years Foundation Stage criteria.

The forest is also suited to allow work in small groups to help your child in grow their personal, social, and emotional development, physical development, and help them grow in confidence with their communication.


Learning through play

With everything we build we incorporate educational elements such as our custom woodland path complete with the letters of the alphabet and numbers to help children learn. Though a key point of the forest school model is to encourage imaginative play giving the children the chance to build on what we have already created in new and inventive ways.



Learning to cook develops more than just practical skills. Children develop fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination in addition to early concepts of maths and science. It’s also a chance for children to try new things! 

From roasting marshmallows on the camp fire to being able to use the woodland to forage for blackberry’s and damson`s to make our own Jam. The joys of campfire cooking are endless and help develop experiences that last.

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