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A new adventure every day


At The Woodshed the adventure begins the moment your child is dropped off either between 8.00-8.20 or 8.40-9.00. As the morning sunlight filters through the trees, our young explorers eagerly board our trailer, ready for a journey into the heart of the deep woods. This unique commute sets the stage for a day filled with outdoor wonders and hands on learning .

Forest Rules

We believe in fostering not just academic growth but also emotional intelligence in our young adventurers. Our daily forest rules are rooted in respect, empathy and co-operation. As we embark on each day's woodland journey, we encourage children to express their emotions, share discoveries and engage in meaningful interactions with  both peers and nature. From understanding the importance of teamwork to appreciating the diverse beauty of the forest, our rules revolve around nurturing emotional intelligence  










Each day begins with a harmonious blend of simple poses, mindful breathing, and playful activities, fostering a sense of balance and coordination. The staff team guide little yogis in exploring the magic of movement amidst the trees, enhancing their flexibility and strength. Beyond the physical benefits, daily yoga at The Woodshed promotes emotional resilience, concentration, and a deep connection with nature. 



Time to eat!

We believe in cultivating not only a love for nature but also a taste for nutritious delights. All food provided is vegetarian. Each day begins with a breakfast featuring a selection of cereals to fuel their adventurous spirits. Throughout the day, children indulge in the goodness of fresh and juicy fruits, promoting healthy snacking habits. Our hot meals, thoughtfully prepared off-site, ensure a balanced and delicious lunch that caters to the diverse tastes of our young explorers. Parents are required to provide a picnic tea allowing little ones to savor their meals amidst the wonders of nature – be it under a favorite tree, on  rolly polly hill, or gathered around the warm glow of a campfire. 

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