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The Forest School Way

Staff observe subtle patterns of behaviour so that they can identify the most suitable strategies to support and challenge learning and provide higher levels of opportunities for children to grow and develop.


Children learn in different ways called schemas. Through observation and reflection the staff team are able to create individual programmes for children that focus on their way of learning and enable them to have a deeper understanding of the world around them.


What better way to start your day than with rhythm and song. Children love to sing, dance and make some noise around the camp fire.

First words


With countless opportunities to express yourself in the woodland environment making marks has never been so interesting.

Making marks

IMG_1210 (3).jpg

Math skills are inter-woven into all of our everyday activities ensuring children learn without even realising it.

Mental maths


Learning to cook develops more than just practical skills. Children develop fine motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination in addition to early concepts of maths and science.

Campfire cooking


Our activities that build include yoga, mindfulness exercises, imagination games, sensory play and others.

Rest and repair

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Children work either individually or in small groups to achieve personal longer term goals

Project time

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