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My son has thrived at TheWoodshed & participated in so many activities he would never get the opportunity to do elsewhere. It's clear the staff know my son as an individual which is essential to his wellbeing and my happiness as a parent


Attending Woodshed Forest School has helped our son gain confidence & independence in all areas of his life. It has helped him come out of his shell hugely We are grateful for all the positive growth we have noticed since he started at The Woodshed and we know it will serve him well for the rest of his life


I love that The Woodshed gets the children involved in real life skills.


I love that there is so much space . My son would always get claustrophobic with the noise and chaos of children centres and toddler groups. Every place we looked at he cried and wanted to leave. At The Woodshed  he has space and freedom and has thrived socially.


We love The Woodshed! Our son has been attending for over a year and has flourished in that time. The staff build fantastic relationships with the children and have such a strong understanding of him. Communication with us is great . He has been enabled to independently do an amazing range of things  and always returns home happy and with tales to tell. 


Great for kids with unlimited energy!

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